End of Year Picnic (5.30-7:30)

  • 06:00 PM

Annual end of year School Picnic

A date for your diaries. Our annual end of year family picnic tea. This is always a fun evening and a
lovely way to end the year as a school community and acknowledge the children’s achievements.

How will it work?
Picnic tea time – we will spread our rugs and picnic paraphernalia on the traditional picnic area (the turf
area on the Henry Street side of the school) for a picnic tea. BYO everything.

Children dismissed from school to go home or to after care 3.30pm
Picnic Tea 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Monday, 18th December (back up date in case of inclement weather: Tuesday, 19th December)
What to bring?
BYO yummy picnic food; drinks for the children; rugs & chairs.

To assist with the organisation of the evening, we ask that parents supervise their own children, as
teachers will be joining in the picnic and catching up with you all too.

Therefore, for the safety of all, children will not be allowed to attend the evening without parents
accompanying children for the entire evening. Children will be dismissed from school at the end of the
day to go home and then return with parents. Children will not be supervised in the yard after 3.45pm
by teachers and therefore should not be there without their parents. Please do not drop children off at
school without your attendance at the entire event.

Children at Out of School Hours Program
The program will run as usual and parents are able to pick up children from the program to come over
for the picnic tea.

I hope to see you at the traditional end of year event and join together to celebrate our year.