MessageFromThePrincipal3Our school is located in the inner northern suburb of Northcote. The school was first established in 1874 and retains the original Victorian and later Edwardian brick buildings. 301 students were enrolled in 2012 reflecting a continuous steady increase in enrolments over the past few years. The school’s population has a diverse mix of nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds with the overall socio-economic profile rating in the high range. The school has a Student Family Occupation index of 0.21, which places the school just above the 80th percentile range.

Northcote Primary School draws families from Northcote and surrounding areas who value the school goals of: developing our children to be literate, numerate and curious; being part of a vibrant and engaged community of staff, family and friends; and educating students to lead meaningful and purposeful lives. Our School provides a supportive environment where learning is highly valued. The school purpose is: We are here to help children to become literate and numerate and prepare them for life. The core values of the school are: creativity, respect and community. These values underpin a school environment and atmosphere where safety, caring attitudes, quality respectful relationships, consultative decision-making, and high educational standards are encouraged. Students are provided with a wide range of personal, academic and practical experiences.

Northcote Primary School is committed to ensuring that improved student learning is the highest priority. This is achieved by providing a comprehensive curriculum based on Government Curriculum Framework and guidelines with a focus on personalised learning. By identifying and focusing on the aptitude and interests of each individual student, the school provides a learning environment that ensures students have every opportunity to reach their potential.

The school uses consistent teaching approaches to cater for differing student needs. These approaches are informed by regular assessment of student learning and consist of a combination of targeted support programs; extension of highly abled students; direct instruction; inquiry learning and the use of information and communication technology routinely across the curriculum.

The learning spaces have been designed to promote flexibility and support the transformation of the teaching and learning practices in our school, to be far more suitable for today’s teaching and learning needs. In recent times, the school has had a sharpened focus on supporting improvement and consistency in teaching practices throughout the school. The pedagogical focus is to provide an inclusive teaching and learning program, with the collaborative teaching approach to best meet the needs of all students. The school achieves this through the use of evidenced based (data driven) approaches and a strong focus on research based, best practice.

The main improvement focus is on numeracy and literacy, with all teachers implementing a consistent approach across the school. Targeted strategies in Numeracy have resulted in an improvement in student NAPLAN results in both years 3 and 5.

The school believes that its uniqueness lies fundamentally in its sense of community. Belonging to Northcote Primary School whether as a student, parent, family or staff member, means belonging to the Northcote Primary School community.

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