We recognise the importance of equipping students with skills and abilities to achieve socially, academically and emotionally in today’s changing world.

Students who feel safe, challenged and supported by a positive school environment are able to aspire to be the best they can.

The core values of the school are: creativity, respect and community.

Creativity: Stimulating curiosity and exploration by providing opportunities for choice, discovery and creative self– expression.

Community: Welcoming students, staff, families and friends by promoting a sense of belonging and sharing in our school.

Respect: Accepting and valuing ourselves and others and demonstrating this is our behaviour.

These values underpin a school environment and atmosphere where safety, caring attitudes, quality respectful relationships, consultative decision-making, and high education standards are encouraged.

At Northcote Primary School we believe our core purpose is to develop children to be literate, numerate and curious, and to be part of a vibrant and engaged community of staff, family and friends.

We also aim to develop students who are motivated, engaged and resilient, and who contribute to the wellbeing of others.

The Northcote Primary School community respects diversity and promotes the values of fairness and equity. We aim to provide a positive learning environment which is responsive to and supportive of children’s educational and social development through the implementation of a consistent approach to student wellbeing.  We recognise that the acquisition of social skills is a developmental process and that children are at varying stages.

The rights of students, teachers and parents are paramount within the wellbeing program as we work towards common goals in an environment which encourages co-operation and the sharing of responsibilities in the education process.